Our Favourite way to RELAX !!

Mineralised Salt Baths Muscle Tension Muscles, in the course of their work, use oxygen and [...]

Detoxification Demystified

The latest trend in alternative medicine is a “cleanse” or a “detox”. While most of [...]

Feeling the HEAT? …………. Menopausal Stages and how they effect your body

Feeling the HEAT ? …………. Menopausal Stages and how they effect your body How menopause [...]

3 Tips for Stellar Smoothies

Put the liquid in first. Surrounded by water or juice, the blender blades can move [...]

An Introduction to Homeopathy

Homeopathy is used extensively at Mckay Biochemisy , inparticular with children ( can be used [...]

What is Dysbiosis?

The healthy gut contains a large number of “friendly” bacteria, which your body requires in [...]

Detox – best way to start your health journey!

Due to the modern diet, high daily stresses, toxic chemical exposure & the increase in [...]

Have you tried the fridge free probiotics?

Using Activ-Vial™ packaging technology, the probiotics are protected from moisture with an insulated double wall [...]


Simple, 6 ingredient chocolate chia seed pudding that’s naturally sweetened and so thick and creamy. [...]

Raw Kelp Noodles with Kale and Garlic Almond Miso Dressing

Thank you Melinda from Old Bar ​ Ingredients I packet kelp noodles 4 kale stems [...]