Anton DUplessis
Biochemist - PHD in BioChemistry

Anton DuPlessis

Anton DuPlessis, a fully qualified Iridologist, certified under world renowned, Dr. Bernard Jenson. Anton specializes in scientific alternative medicine, and is certified to utulise screening tools to help recognise how different signs and symptoms may relate to your health status. Anton will work with you to develop a dietary and life style plan to improve your health.

At McKay BioChemist we believe in allowing the body to heal itself. We work with you to improve your immune system through natural processes and products. In every part of our lives we plan to succeed and we encourage people to do the same with there health. By increasing the effectiveness of the immune system then your body will be in a position to help resist potential health risks.

Prevention is better than the cure!

At McKay BioChemist Natural Health Clinic, we offer a range of natural and holistic treatments to families and individuals of all ages and states of health. We understand that every person who comes to us is different, and we take special care to treat each individual rather than just the symptoms.

Anton is amazing. His dedication and personal attention to his patients are commendable. He takes the time to get to know each person; and fully understand their health concerns. I live a healthier, happier life because of him.

Anita Johnson / Queensland, Australia

Our experience at McKay BioChemist has truly changed our way of thinking, our way of eating, our way of living, and most importantly, she’s changed the way we think of our bodies, our spiritual development, our health, and ourselves.

Mr & Mrs Fortin / Nice, France

I am grateful for all the time everyone at McKay BioChemist has spent on my case. Following their program, I was able to achieve an amazing result and I can finally appreciate life again.

Kelly Parsons / Perth, Australia